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Trading Activity  Bought  [6 Apr] Marathon Digital Holdings Inc@ $52.28     Sold [31 Mar] Marathon Digital Holdings Inc@ $50.01  Bought [29 March]  Lennar Corp @ $99.90   Sold[26 March] Digital Turbines Inc@ $74.73 Bought  [23 March] Ultra Clean Holdings Inc @ $52.78 Bought [16 March] Micron Technology Inc @ $92.92  Sold [15 March]Ultra Clean Holdings Inc@ $55.52  

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STRATEGY FOR week commencing 19 April – Last week the S&P 500 and the Dow hit record highs on Friday wrapped up by bumper quarterly earnings reports from big U.S. banks, while optimism about a solid economic rebound put the main indexes on course for weekly gains. The S&P index recorded 136 new 52-week highs and no new low, while the Nasdaq recorded 129 new highs and 91 new lows. The Federal Reserve’s pledge to keep interest rates low despite higher inflation has also revived demand for richly valued technology stocks, although bond yields edged higher again.  Market watchers hailed last week with the trading debut of Coinbase (NASDAQ:COIN) as crypto’s road to the mainstream. The crypto excitement has seen Bitcoin and Ethereum hit new all-time highs this week. But it hasn’t been without its speed bumps. A further blow to the crypto enthusiast was seen last week as Turkey banned the use of cryptocurrencies and crypto assets to purchase goods and services. This followed recent sovereign decisions by India and china. India will propose a ban on cryptocurrencies CLICK HERE and fines on those trading or holding the assets. China banned such trading in 2017, slamming the brakes on a free-wheeling emerging crypto industry. CLICK HERE. The popularity of decentralised finance have now begun to threaten the establishment of central Governments and their banks and monetary supply, as if Quantitative Easing hasn’t already done so. These restrictive action bear the hallmark of concern regarding the alternatives which perceive to threaten traditional monetary systems. Bitcoin-related stocks including Riot Blockchain and Marathon Digital slumped about 4% after Turkey banned the use of cryptocurrencies and crypto assets to purchase goods and services. CLICK HERE.  The rise of Centralised Bank Digital currency will now come to the fore but the damage to the established Crypto currency market will initially be negative. Volatility is particularly acute in this unregulated bubble world of crypto trading. One must however be aware that the blockchain will not be going anywhere with $1m payments being made through this mechanism, Crypto currency and its siblings will have their following despite attempts by Central Governments and Banks to derail its popularity to countries willing to adopt the alternative equivalent payment mechanism.  One must always be observant of geopolitical threats in existence (Ukraine/ Russia military build- up, Taiwan US/ China relations) that may provide crypto a unique hedge against fiat currencies political risks. The proverb all that glitters is not always gold is resonant, but conversely expect gold to shine brightly in the event of continuing geo political tensions.  The portfolio saw another disappointing week with a -4.75% decline. Much of the decline affected by the sporadic volatility of the crypto stocks. The portfolio holds Bitcoin-related stocks including Riot Blockchain and Marathon Digital which contributed significantly with a -11% [RB] and -20% [MH] a. High beta stocks always susceptible to market volatility. Most of the other shares saw lesser declines, notably Lakeland industrials [-6%]  and Co diagnostics [-4%] which continues to frustrate. Co diagnostics despite their own hyperbole has seen a -55% fall since purchase recognising the fact that despite the topical choice when the market doesn’t like a share lemmings fall away. The depletion in share price performance of Co-diagnostics is nothing but miserable and focusing on the stocks with far greater potential will be my aim for the future.   The barking sounds of woof woof is all I here from co diagnostics and alas I now consider a lost cause.  My focus for the remaining month of April will now be on stabilization and balancing the portfolio with decisions trying to stem disappointing shares which seem to be prevalent. I look to see if MARA and RIOT can bounce back but as in Life nothing is ever certain. As US earnings season is now upon us, earnings surprises (Stocks that beat analyst expectations) may show the way to the golden nuggets one which I will be looking for this week. Until next time.

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Portfolio for week commencing  19th April

17 April US/UK Price Price Price wkcge 17-Apr Price Chart Chart
Stock Shares Buy 09-Apr 16-Apr % 19.00gmt Now TV SC
FTSE 100 FTSE Entry 6737.30 7019.53 0.00 7019.53 Index
NASDAQ NDX at Bid 13480.11 14052.34 0.00 14052.34 Index
Company Symbl £ £ £ % £ $1.383
Akamei Tech AKAM 70.41 75.57 76.04 0.00 76.04 Price$ akam akam
Ameresco AMRC 43.27 36.03 36.65 0.00 36.65 Price$ amrc amrc
Co-Diagnostics Codx 14.12 6.55 6.28 0.00 6.28 Price$ codx codx
D R Horton DHI 59.59 68.35 69.73 0.00 69.73 Price$ Dhi Dhi
Emergent Biosol EBS 78.94 56.27 56.13 0.00 56.13 Price$ Ebs Ebs
Fulgent Genics FLGT 73.23 61.13 63.26 0.00 63.26 Price$ Flgt Flgt
Lakeland Inds LAKE 21.48 20.12 18.80 0.00 18.80 Price$ Lake Lake
Lennar Corp LEN 72.48 76.78 76.56 0.00 76.56 Price$ Len Len
Marath Digital MARA 37.78 35.58 28.24 0.00 28.24 Price$ Mara Mara
Micro Tech MU 66.86 69.34 65.51 0.00 65.51 Price$ Mu Mu
Qorvo Inc QRVO 122.70 139.52 136.14 0.00 136.14 Price$ Qrvo Qrvo
Riot Blockchain RIOT 35.39 36.23 32.43 0.00 32.43 Price$ Riot Riot
Teradyne Inc TER 95.83 96.78 93.25 0.00 93.25 Price$ Ter Ter
Ultra Clean UCTT 38.30 40.03 38.68 0.00 38.68 Price$ Uctt Uctt
Wky Perform -2.10% -4.75%

Update on Shares in the Portfolio

Ameresco, Inc., (NYSE: AMRC), 7th April 

Ameresco, Inc., (NYSE: AMRC), a leading cleantech integrator specializing in energy efficiency and renewable energy, today announced that it has begun phase-two of a multi-stage investigation into how flow battery technology could support microgrids with the Department of Defense (DoD). Phase-one of the investigation was completed in April 2020 and primarily focused on evaluating the technical and economic feasibility of flow battery energy storage. Phase-two of the investigation shifts attention to physical validation and evaluation of flow batteries at the U.S. Department of Energy’s National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) in Golden, CO.

Emeregent Bio solutions 7th April

Emergent Gets Additional $23m Order for Vaccine: Emergent Biosolutions, Inc. EBS announced that it received a contract modification to increase the original task order by $23 million from the Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority (BARDA) to support further expansion of the manufacturing capacity for Johnson & Johnson’s JNJ COVID-19 vaccine. The amount will be used for the purchase of biologics manufacturing equipment specific to Johnson & Johnson’s COVID-19 vaccine for the potential expansion of manufacturing of that bulk drug substance to the third suite of Emergent’s Baltimore Bayview facility. In addition, Emergent plans to slow down the manufacturing of AstraZeneca’s COVID-19 vaccine bulk drug substance. Separately, Emergent provided an update on its investigational SARS-CoV-2 Immune Globulin Intravenous (Human) (COVID-HIG) for the treatment of hospitalized patients with COVID-19.

Marathon Digital 6th April

Shares of Marathon Patent Group (NASDAQ:MARA) gained 59.3% in March 2021, according to data from S&P Global Market Intelligence. The cryptocurrency mining company saw Bitcoin (CRYPTO:BTC) prices rise 27% over the same period. Like other mining specialists, Marathon tends to amplify the price trends of their underlying cryptocurrency tokens, and that was the case for Marathon in. Marathon announced a North American Bitcoin mining pool that aims to distribute mining rewards among its own cryptocurrency mining systems and a larger group of third-party miners. This pool will comply with U.S. cryptocurrency regulations, accepting new miners in June 2021.

Fulgent Genetics (NASDAQ: FLGT), 17th March

Fulton Genetics announced the launch of the next generation sequencing (NGT) Test to detect Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) The test will sequence the entire viral genome creating hundreds of targets versus just a few for RT-PCR tests.

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